Train Your Dog TV – Episode 6 – Recalls

In this sixth episode of Train Your Dog TV, Eric Letendre, "The Amazing Dog Training Man," goes in depth on the topic of RECALLS, and teaches you how to get your dog to come back to you every time you call him or her. Many times we unintentionally punish our dogs for coming to us which can backfire your training efforts. Watch this episode to learn how to avoid this common pitfall. Make sure you watch the video to get the details on how to ask Eric your dog training questions.

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5 comments “Train Your Dog TV – Episode 6 – Recalls”

Makes perfect sense! But . . . what should an owner do to teach a reliable recall if the dog has already been conditioned to ignore you? (With an older adopted dog or a dog that has had improper training before)

Thank you Eric, as usual you hit the nail on the head. Cody is usually pretty good, but I do get my share of being ignored when I want him to come. I shall try a new tone for come and be sure to have treats in my pocket, and I will be consistent!!!!
I’ve been reading your news letters for a few years now, and there is always something in there to help improve my relationship with Cody.
Again, thank you Eric,
Pat & Cody

What about stopping digging and what seems to be a lack of attention span? I have a puppy who likes to dig in the yard. I have a one year old German Shepherd that can’t hold his attention with me for more than a minute.

My german/australian sheperd has a favorite corner of the yard where he runs to immediately he is let outside and just stands there barking and will not come to calling. I have put obsticles in the way here, but to no avail. Is there any way of making this corner unpleasant for him so he no longer thinks this is the best place to be. He will usually get the dogs all along the back started. He has a regular walk daily, but this constant barking in the corner is upsetting the neighbours, therefore he remains inside a lot more than he should. Thanks in anticipation of your advise..Ronda…

I love your techniques, Eric. But I’m struggling with how do I do 4 of them? I have 4 inside dogs. When I work with 1, the other 3 will be jumping all over me, too. Also, I have a real big problem with them pottying in the house! How do I train 4 all at once?

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