Train Your Dog TV – Episode 4 – Behavior Problems

In this fourth episode of Train Your Dog TV, Eric Letendre, "The Amazing Dog Training Man," goes in depth on the topic of BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS. Many of the things that our dogs do frustrate us, especially young, larger breed dogs. Watch this episode to learn how to better handle your dog's behavior problems. Eric also answers your dog training questions. Make sure you watch the video to get the details on how to ask Eric your dog training question.

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10 comments “Train Your Dog TV – Episode 4 – Behavior Problems”

Hi Eric, congrats on your work! Let me share what I do in that case.
I live in Brazil and own a male Sheltie. My dog does #1 and #2 in a newspaper sheet. Whenever I go to a place he’s not familiar with, like someone else’s house, I put a piece of newspaper on the floor and show him where it is. He understands and we have no problems. Best regards! Mauricio

My 3 yr. old golden retriever, Ella, has decided that she’d like to sleep on the couch when I go out. She just started doing this in the last month and will never get on the furniture when I’m around. I caught her yesterday in a deep snooze only because she didn’t hear me come in the door. She has not needed her crate for 2 yrs. now and I really don’t want to get it back out. How can I break her of this new habit when I’m not around to see her misbehave? How should I react when I come home and catch her on the couch?

Thank you so much for all of your great advice. I have used your techniques to train my 2 yr old Boston Terrier since she was young and shared your site with many of my friends & family. I have even taught her to give me “Eskimo” kisses so that she will not lick my face! She is the best dog . . . when she is around us. Any time we have someone come over, though, she gets so excited and won’t leave them alone. I’ve taught her not to jump on people so instead she sits at their feet and puts her butt in the air, but as soon as they sit down she jumps all over them and won’t leave them alone unless they pet her or play fetch with her – she will go from person to person with her ball until someone throws it & if we tell her no will just pick someone else. I have not seen this addressed by you and would love some help! Thanks again!

Eric, As always great work you do, just got through with the Ebook, really opened my eyes to looking at the techniques I use with my 2 German Shepard s.

Here’s my question, Bonnie my 2 year old, loves to do what comes naturally, trying to chase squirrels, and cat’s, this maybe great for her, but not for my arm, how can I show Bonnie some control? I don’t endorse the use of Choke leaches, she has a long lead, I have tried a few methods but to no avail, please could I have your ideas.

Regards John in the UK

Eric, I really appreciate your techniques and agree with your methods whole heartedly. I have been certified with Animal Behavior College so my training coincides with your teaching. It’s so nice to see someone opening the eyes of so many pet owners, thanks and job well done!! I am still working with a few problems myself that seem difficult to work through. My 2 year old Dalmatian developed leash aggression, he also pulls rather than heels on leash and I don’t have a great recall established as much as I try. He is getting better, but any advice you have is much appreciated. I am currently trying to teach a good focus (or watch me) as well as leave it for the leash aggression and am constantly working on the come command. I am also doing a lot of socializing in order to combat some of his fear reactions. Thanks in advance for your help and advice!

Thanks so much for posting this . I have learned so much. We”ve been having various problems lately with our mixed maltese who is just over a year. She has started doing her do everywhere else except on the paper. I seems as if she started doing that ever since she came out of heat. Very seldom would she do it on the paper except when we close the door to that room and leave her there after a meal. She hasn’t been having much exercise lately because of pouring rain here. Also, we have two Rottweilers who are younger but ten times bigger. The male has been after her during the heat so we kept them apart. She also did something weird- humping a member of our family out of the blue. I do not understand this, Can you help?

Hi Eric, I have been following your website for over a year now and I find it very instructive. I do have a behavior question. My dog, QT, a sfaffieX-Ridgeback 3 yrs old, attempts to attack an operating vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, leaf rake when sweeping, motor cyclists riding by and even buses. I am not sure whether it is defensive or what – I got her from a pound at 5 months old and so I don’t know what happened in her very early life. Any ideas?
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I have a husky i started training him at 6 weeks old very smart dog obedience trained an does tricks he is 1 year old now does not always listen anymore if he is hungry it is no problem when he is full he will not always listen to me this did not happen until he got 1 year old I have been reading about e collars do you have any suggestions

how can i get my 13 month pit to not chase the cat in the yard

How to stop a rotti from chasing another dog that is running or he platfully gets the other dog to run and once the other dog is running, then the rotti starts to run at a rate of high speed after the other dog (he is in high prey drive). This makes the other dog in front speed up so not to get caught by the rotti. When the rotti catching up with the dog that was in the front, he then grabbing the dog by the neck and either immediately pulls or slams the dog to the ground, then gets on top of this dog and then grabs the dog by the troat. Or the rotti stands sort of over the other dog and then the rotti grabs the dog by their collar or misses and get their skin and starts to shake his head back and forth as if he was trying to ripe the dogs head off. He does not know how to play with other dogs where there is a “give and take.” He has alway got to be in charge of the other dog, meaning no dog can chase him either.
What I have been trying to do is two fold one I let him off lead and before I let he go I grab his neck and say no bite. I don’t care if he runs after other dogs. Second, immediately after he has chase the other dog and bit their neck, I put him back on lead for awhile and try again down the path. It usually takes about 3 or 4 times before he stops doing this behavoir. What do you suggest I try to get him to play nice with other dogs?

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