Train Your Dog TV – Episode 2 – Chewing

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In this second episode of Train Your Dog TV, Eric Letendre, "The Amazing Dog Training Man," goes in depth on the topic of CHEWING. Chewing is a problem faced by many dog owners, especially puppy owners. Watch this episode to learn how to stop your dog or puppy from chewing on your shoes, furniture, remote control, etc. Eric also answers your dog training questions. Make sure you watch the video to get the details on how to ask Eric your dog training question.

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6 comments “Train Your Dog TV – Episode 2 – Chewing”

Oh, I wish I would have watched this before my 10 month old dog chewed my new wood bookshelf the other day!

I am off to the pet store to buy a smell deterrent and try your peanut butter method today.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Love the new show!

Dear Eric,
I just finished watching Train Your Dog TV Episode #2 and it’s was great. I watched the 1st episode right after I received it and knew this had promise and by the 2nd time you have nailed it. I liked the relaxed part of throwing the stuffed toy and how you gently had the little white dog roll over and you could see it relax. You also looked very spiffy in your button down shirt. I don’t think people say spiffy anymore. Oh well. Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching more of your episodes. Seriously I am actually wishing there was another one right now. So as you can see I am now a fan and will pass on your information to other dog breeders and handlers.


Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know if anyone has ever called me “spiffy” but I like it. Thanks for passing it on and I will work hard to provide you with good, entertaining information every week.

Thanks again!


t have enjoy the email lessons. I dont have a chewing problem with my 11 month old golden but now I know what to do if one develops.


Great videos – I like your site layout and theme. Would you mind sharing what WordPress theme you have installed?

Thank you very much-


Just came looking. This video might be a life saver for me and our 12mth short haired german pointer. My dog is now banned from inside. After adding veggies and vit tablets (as you suggested in your reply to my email a while back) to her diet she still chews a variety of things. I think things with our scent. Today’s was my glasses which she has scratched beyond use and chewed the ear pieces off, we think one of mum’s hearing aides was a victim a while back.

While I don’t have a crate we do have a wire lead we were tying them up with when we went out and the chooks were out. They have killed about 8 of the chooks over time. I can use that instead of the crate and will try her now with dettol as I think she hates that. She loves the peanut paste in her kongs. I have 20 days of holidays left so hopefully she will be close to over it before I go back to work.

PS everyone says once they have killed they will always kill again. I think its the border collie who kills the chooks and the pup will eat them then.

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